Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Section 212

It took us a while to find the right spot. Without the usher friend, we weren't going to be able to sit down in the good seats just beyond first base. So we had to find another spot.

The right field corner wasn't going to work. Idiotic Cardinal and Brewer fans were jawing it out and it wasn't even in the bottom of the 1st. Even some Yankee yokel was flapping his gums. No, this isn't the place we wanted to watch the game from.

So we moved over to the right center pavilion. Great view from the deep part of the park. Of course a ball gets hit deep right into the corner we were just standing at, a spot that we would have had an excellent view of. When Sheets gave up a run scoring single to the pitcher (yes, the fricken' pitcher that he had down 0-2), we knew deep right center would not do.

Spent the 3rd & 4th inning in the left field bleachers. That didn't work out well either. A Card went deep to put the Brewers down 2-0. Plus, the back panels were open and the breeze was coming straight off the lake. It was getting cold in the area. I had to buy beer from the freezing beer guy to make him feel his trips weren't in vain.

*For the record, I had two pints at the bar, two 16 oz bottles, and one 20 oz tap at the game. Sure the pints and bottles would have met allocated my status as a binge drinker, but the 20 ouncer shows my commitment to binge drinking. That's me, overachiever.

No, those left field bleachers weren't going to get the job either. Plus, there was a family wearing Pujols jerseys. The little snot nosed 5 year old could get on my nerves if this game got ugly.

We then made our way down the loge level, around home plate, towards the right field line. I had been told they had bar stools set up on the rail was interested in checking it out. Instead, my friend led us down into Section 212.

It was the 5th inning and Sheets wasn't pitching his best game. Not bad either but not the good stuff. The Brewers offense wasn't much to speak of either. They could get a lead off single but they would bog down from there. That changed in the 5th. Hardy singled and Fielder drew a walk. Hall came up with a big double to tie the score. What you won't see in the paper is how the ball was bobbled in the field, which meant they were sending the big boy in all the way from first. If the throw went threw to the plate, there was a good chance the Cardinal's catcher would have been splattered. I don't think Fielder had any choice but to take him out. But the throw was cut off and Hall was safe at second. And error and another single by Jenkins put the Brewers up for good.

Then we got the fireworks in the 6th. Sheets led off with a singles. Yes, Ben Sheets, the man with the worst swing for a pitcher in the major leagues, got a hit. A Weeks double, followed by yet another hit by Hardy (who I then pointed out had a chance at going 5 for 5 on the night) added a couple of more runs. A 3 run homer would cap off the 7 run 6th inning.

40 minutes later, Brewers fans were leaving the park in a good mood, having taken another game off one of the best franchises in the sport. We are used to seeing the Cardinals do that to our team. It felt good to be on the other side. Later, as we drove out, I couldn't help but chuckle at what the radio guys had to say. Turns out the Milwaukee Brewers have not only the best record in the National League, but in all of baseball. How 'bout that?

Once again, I must say it. There is plenty of baseball to be played. I am out to enjoy each game as much as I can. Sure, hope is building, but reality is not far behind.

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