Monday, May 28, 2007

I need an extra day

This may be the first time in the last couple of days that I do not have a beer in front of me. That may be changing soon. Just need to get some laundry done before I figure out if I am heading out to a BBQ.

Friday was the perfect start of the Drinking for Jesus Tents of Mass Consumption Tour. The beer was abundant, friends were kicking back, and Milwaukee's best cover band provided the music. Somehow the beer was moderately priced too. $3.25 for a 20 ounce tapper. For the circuit, that is extremely cheap. Compare it to Jansen Family Fest on Saturday where 16 ounce bottles were going for $4 . Yep, Immaculate Heart of Mary was the perfect place to kick off the summer.

It was good to hear Rhythm Method again. After last year's possible break up, they have come back strong and with a change in the set list. It would appear they have dropped a good portion of the 80s music they performed in the past. Gone was Van Halen, Night Ranger, Honeymoon Suite. In was the Beatles, Genesis and Steely Dan. Because they are that talented, they pulled it off nicely. I look forward to catching them again and seeing if they change things up as the summer goes on.

While Friday was Drinking for Jesus with friends, Saturday was more like being at the circus. The Jansen Family Fest is a curious thing. It was like the short bus pulled up and like a bunch of clowns, all the freaks got out to see Mt Olive play. There was surfer dude dancing away like a goofball. A guy who looked just like the Geico caveman. The older couple who shuffled offbeat to whatever was being played. And possibly the world's ugliest woman. I still contend it was a guy in drag.

It isn't just the crowd that makes the show interesting, it is the band itself. Whereas Rhythm Method has an identity, Mt Olive would be the schizophrenic neighbor. They go all over the musical spectrum playing rock, pop, rap and country. They do some of it well and the crowd enjoys it, but there are parts of the act that need to go.

Why is it that singers feel the need to put on a cowboy hat when they sing country songs? Does that mean he suddenly is country? Does it mean he thinks people won't like their country music if he doesn't put the hat on? I have no clue but it grinds on me some guy puts on a silly hat to convey the type of music they are playing.

Also, what is with singing a George Michael song? If you need to sing Faith, they play it hard like Limp Bizkit did. The song is out of place. Let your guitarist shred it up. The guy can play but really needs to drop Eruption. It is boring. There are better guitarists doing much tougher solos. Time to graduate.

I passed on heading out last night. Was drinking during the races and knew any attempt to stand around listening to one of Milwaukee's worst bands- The Toys- would have been torture. So I stayed at the bar, had a burger and then shuffled off for home, with plenty of suds in my stomach. Once again, I have done my part in bolstering the bottom line of the Miller Brewing Company.

Go wish Pauly a happy blog birthday. Reading the Tao of Pauly is a daily ritual. If you don't read him now, you are missing out.

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