Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy blog birthday to me

We were in Miller Park, sitting in the Beerpen, watching the Milwaukee Brewers, when I told her I was thinking about doing this blog. I had done something similiar in the past and figured the time was right to do it again. But first I need a good name. So on a Friday night, while drinking a couple beers watching some baseball, we went through some ideas and made a wise choice.
May 29, 2004. While Drinking, I...

I can't believe I have been putting this crap out there for 3 years already. What started off way back when on Geocities has mutated its way into a blogger account that I goof off with on a daily basis. I spent some time reading that first post. Seems like yesterday me and Gambino were drinking beers and beginning to solve the world's problems. Yep, one is smartest While Drinking.

It really got me to thinking about the old Geocities site I had. There weren't blogs back then. It was a regular website that I had made into an online diary. I remember learning basic HTML to change colors and font sizes. I even learned how to archive pages. I called it "What is Pissing me Off". I went on and on about the stupid people around me that were pissing me off. Man I wish I could find that stuff.

One of the stories I had on there was pretty good. Back then I had a tenant- I called her Psycho Teacher- who pissed me off regularly. One day she slipped on the stairs going up to the apartment. She started cursing me out at the top of her lungs, raving on like a sailor on shore leave. I recall just sitting in my living room wondering how I was to blame. She slipped because she didn't turn on a light. Don't see how that was my fault.

For the next couple of weeks, we would battle. She tried to dictate how I should run my duplex. Being a stubborn bastard, I wasn't about to let her get away with anything. Of course I would win. But the stories I had were pretty good. Maybe I should write them down.

Anyways, it has been 3 years. 3 fun years. It is amazing the people I have met through this blog (as well as Beer City Poker). To think I would be traveling to other places just to drink and shoot the shit with new friends because of a web site it crazy. But I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world.

It amazes me that people come by to read this stuff. I am not a writer. I am a blogger. I just try and let words come out of my fingers is some amusing sort of way. Going back and reading some of the old stuff has been fun. Some of it has been scary, some hilarious. Some I am damn proud to have come up with. If I have entertained people along the way, that is the cherry on top. If anyone has taken some of the top notch advice I have given on flask usage and the need for a church key, I feel I have done my service to the community.

Hopefully this continues for a while. Thanks for reading.

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