Sunday, May 27, 2007


After being groggy for most of Saturday morning, I got my brain in order and did get some stuff done. Took care of the shower hose in the tenants bathroom, did the dishes, and got in a good bike ride. From there I decided to relax before heading out to drink the night away at a festival.

I have taken advantage of the "On Demand" feature lately when there has been jackshit on TV. In particular, I have enjoyed the Fox Reality channel features. I do like reality TV. Or at least what they pass off as "reality". It was the Solitary series over the past two weeks that entertained me. But with that being over, a new series took my interest.

My Bare Lady.

Take some porn stars and try and turn them into real, respected actresses. Oh boy, this should be good!

I watched the first couple of episodes and wasn't really impressed with the concept. So they make it sound like they can turn a porn queen into a respectable actress within 3 weeks. That she can perform on stage in front of a London crowd and earn their respect. A little far fetched if you ask me.

But then I didn't care how far fetched it seemed. When I saw Sasha Knox, I realized the concept of the show didn't matter too much. This chick was hot and was not a total bimbo. In fact, she seemed quite intelligent. She looked like the proverbial girl next door. Not quite the porn star look. Very innocent. Oh, it also may have been the line she said: "there is a disturbingly dirty girl inside this body". Ok, that got my attention! But she also had a certain air about her that was captivating.

I was found myself smitten with this porn star. Hot and sensible. Of course I went and Googled her. Wow, what a dirty little girl! Boy did I like that!

Needless to say, I will watch out the rest of the series as it becomes available. I have to especially after watching Sasha lap dance on the male role for Romeo and Juliet. The way this tart rode this dude was quite nice. Hell, it set my mind on fire. That Brit better appreciate the ride.

Can't wait to see what happens next with her. Do I want to be her Daddy??? Oh hell yeah!

And of course I did a search on her. I must say I have enjoyed her work.

Soon to come, the Drinking for Jesus update and why I should carry a camera to some of these festivals.

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