Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rattle in my head

All kinds of little things are rattling around in my head. Not too many coherent thoughts. I think it stems from Turnb(l)ow losing the game last night. Giving up 6 runs in the 8th. Made me throw up a bit. It wasn't like his pitches were even close either.

Then my cat was whining most of the night. It was the puking alarm clock that woke me up at 2:30. Somehow he ate all of his food and wanted more. Like he couldn't wait 3 more hours. I had to feed him to shut him up so I could sleep. At least the nice breeze coming through the window and over the bed made it very comfortable.

The nice weather yesterday was, well, nice. It was around 87 degrees and breezy. A perfect day to drive my dirty car with the top down. The car is still dirty because it is expected to rain today. No use in washing it if the rain will eventually dirty it up. The plan is to hit the car wash on Wednesday after I get my cow cat some food at the vet.

The list of reasons men can look at women's tits has been updated. Thanks to pentimento for pointing out one obvious example that I missed.

Wish I had some time to articulate some music thoughts today but I cannot. The boss's boss is in town. Thus my comments about listening to country music on Saturday morning must wait. Hopefully I can get something down later today. Until then, tell me what you are listening to. Whether it be at work, home, in the car, at the gym, tell me what you are listening to now. Even you people that read but never leave comments. I will let you get by as anonymous. Just let me know what you are listening to.

In the car: Night Ranger, Hole in the Sun. New Night Ranger can be summed up as guitars, guitars and more guitars. Sure would be nice if a radio station would play something like that instead of what they deem commercially acceptable.

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