Monday, June 25, 2007

A fine weekend in the woods

It is on Sunday morning that I usually notice them. It is upon being woken up by the birds, dogs, chipmunks, or train that is blaring its horn that the irritation begins. You scratch the first one before you take a walk down to the restrooms. When you pull a chair up to the campfire and truly clear your mind is when it become very noticeable.

All the mosquito/bug bites that you have in the most annoying places.

You find one on a knuckle, on your wrist, on your ankle, forearm. Places that tick you off when you have that constant itching. It can drive you mad.

But to be able to get away with friends, unplug, and drink for hours on end is worth it. A couple of bug bites won't matter with the good time and memories you create.

Especially when you cannot believe someone has the audacity to throw the gauntlet down on you. I was shocked when it happened on Saturday morning. 10:05 to be precise. That is when the bottle cap was tossed down in front of me as K stood by with a beer in his hand. I had been called out!

Usually I am the one to crack open the first beer on Saturday morning. I figure whether it is beer or water, it is a liquid that the body needs to rehydrate so it might as well be a beer.

Answering the challenge was no problem. I went to the cooler and figured the best way to respond was the can of Hamms. If you get called out, answer with the "beer refreshing"! It should also be noted that I finished my beer and went for another. K would soon stop drinking as I continued throughout the day. If you are going to throw down, better be prepared for a marathon!

Speaking of marathon drinking, Summerfest begins this Thursday. I am not totally thrilled with the lineup this year. There are some good bands to see but nothing that would fall in the "must see" category. Still trying to score some Def Leppard tickets but the outlook is grim. I am looking for the last minute miracle. Not a big deal if it doesn't happen.

Heading out to the Brewers game tonight. After yesterday's debacle, it would be nice to see Sheets turn in a solid performance and get them back on track. He pitched a gem last week when I was there so I expect another great game.

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