Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Warm baseball

It was a warm night at the ballpark. Ben Sheets didn't have his good stuff, but had enough to prevent the Astros from getting on the board. Sad part was, the beer wasn't that cold in the .300 club. At least out on the balcony. Thus I had to keep them coming in order to stay hydrated. I am healthy like that.

And I figured there is a slight chance that I wouldn't get charged as well. When I received my credit card statement this weekend, I noticed a charge from Miller Park had been removed. That charge coincidentally had been for a night of drinking during a Brewers game in May. I double checked my statement to make sure they hadn't posted the transaction twice and simply removed one. Nope. Thus, it appears I drank for free. Can lightening strike twice? We'll find out.

Still trying to procure those Leppard tickets. If I hadn't gone to the game last night, I might have been able to snag some really good seats. Now I am finagling some pretty good seats at a good price. It is tough as they are not dead center and if your seat number is either too low or too high, you may be staring at amps instead of the band. Something tells me that I will find just what I am looking for at a good price.

Speaking of Summefest, I think all of my friends are getting too old for it. There used to be a time when we would go down there even if the band selection stunk for the night. Nowadays, everyone wants to go see someone specific or not go at all. WTF? What ever happened to going down to have a good time, check out some new music and drink?

Today I will leave you with a great clip from Wil Ferrel. I defy you not to bust out laughing.

Good Cop, Baby Cop

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