Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh really?!?!?

I had one of those moments yesterday. A time where I heard something from a co-worker that had me saying "Oh really?!?!?" Minutes later I was clacking at the keyboard looking up the story at the local paper's website.

The story I found was one I had previously read days before. My reaction then was "Man, what a fucking coward!" This time around, my reaction was bittersweet. I still think the person is a turd, but there is more to the story.

I recall reading this article because there had been an outbreak of hit and runs in the area lately. Some guy hits a guy on a cycle, probably killing him instantly, and runs. What a fucking coward.

Yesterday, the co-worker told the story that had me reading the follow up to the story. Go read it. It is pathetic because you can tell the story just doesn't add up. If someone just worked 10 hours, that would put them in a bar around 4 or 5 pm. Drinking 3 beers made him tired? Doubt it. Wonder how many shots were involved or if the beers were of the 32 ounce variety. Sleep in the truck or did he pass out in the truck? The guy had 4 drunk driving convictions already so that won't help him. He then drives home, hits the guy on the cycle and claims "he knows he hit something but didn't know what it was". Yeah right. Both air bags were deployed and you didn't see what you hit? You drove on? WTF?!?!

Now, supposedly after not knowing what you hit, you ran and hid in a corn field. Ran in circles in a corn field until you fell asleep. As friends pointed out, that probably looked pretty funny. Quick, get those scenes from Children of the Corn out of your head. The corn stalks are not that tall. Not at this time of the year. They probably are just under knee height right now (old adage: knee high by the 4th of July). So he was either running around in the equivalent of tall grass, or he was crawling around like a dog so he could be scene. Crawling until he fell asleep or passed out? Either which way, apparently he dodged the police that night or next day when they came to inspect his vehicle and house. The fiancee was kind enough to either let them in or she called the cops herself.

And that is where it all clicked and had me saying "Oh really?!?!?" I worked with the fiancee. I had been in pursuit of her in fact. She never seemed totally honest and forthright, saying she wanted to spend some time with me but always cancelling. We did meet out once and had a good time, but that didn't change much. I knew she was hiding something. She insisted she was not seeing anyone, but that lie became apparent. When she got pregnant.

I was a bit hurt at the time but realized it was for the best. I could never be with someone I couldn't trust. I knew I couldn't trust her at that point and let it be.

But it dug at me for a bit. Having common friends I would hear stories about the guy she was with. Those stories were not quite flattering. In the back of my mind I kept thinking I lost out this turd?

I admit it, it annoyed me. I could see where her life was heading. Especially after she had the second child. She got flirty with me again, but nothing happened. I realized that she was in a crappy relationship that had her stuck. I wasn't going to the one to rescue her. She chose the turd and she can live with it. I knew that in a couple of years she would probably be living in trailer park by herself raising two kids. Little did I know it would be close to being true.

And that is why I feel bittersweet about the situation. I feel sorry for her and those kids, but that is the path she chose. Not saying if things had worked between us that is would have been a "happily ever after" story book ending, but it is apparent she would have been better off. Instead she will be in that trailer park soon with her baby's daddy in prison.

Part of me feels vindicated. Part of me feels sad.

And part of me thinks I need a beer. Good thing I am going camping this weekend. There is no shortage of cold suds out there.

Have a great weekend and Rock on with your bad selfs!

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