Thursday, June 28, 2007


I took it easy on the beer last night. It wasn't necessarily by choice but by result. Here is the beers I drank, in order:

Summit Extra Pale- Nice beer. Hit the spot
Bells Oberon- I am sure I had this some time before but wasn't positive. Not bad. I could see quaffing more of these
Capitol Island Wheat- by request from Gambino. I had some of this last year or the year before. Was not impressed with it then and am not impressed with it now. Taste like dust. Sour dust.
Lakefront White- An OK white beer. Not bad, but not something I would go out of my way for.
Anchor Steam Ale- Classic steam ale. Delightful.
Hoegaarden- Much better white. I could drink these all night when it is warm out.
Summit ESB- Extra Special Bitter. Good. Not quite my tastes though.

I had met up with friends at Club Garibaldi for wing night. Garibaldi's wings are some of the best in the city mainly because of the way they are made. Fried, sauced, and the grilled. End result is a tasty wing. They come in regular, hot and nuclear.

And when they say nuclear, they mean nuclear. It was the nuclear wings that cut my drinking short last night. I had them before and thought I may have built up a bit of a tolerance to tackle them again. Man, was I wrong. They were seriously hot. Sweat on the scalp hot. Lip burning hot. Inside of the mouth numbish hot. Eyes tearing up hot. Penis on fire hot.

Oh I forgot the warning I was given when he plopped the basket in front of me. It was not to touch my eyes and to thoroughly wash my hands before taking a leak. Problem was I didn't hear that last part. I have heard the lines before, you know like being on an airplane. You don't listen to the spiel about how to put on a seat belt or about the mask falling, etc. I heard "don't touch your eyes" and began to eat. 15 minutes later I would be wishing I had heard the whole talk.

You think you can wipe all of those hot spices off the hands with a napkin. But let me tell you, there is more than can be seen. I learned this after finishing up in the men's room and washing my hands. I no sooner got back to my table when I felt a bit of heat on my unit. It was not a good heat either. I was tempted to go back and hang it out in the sink and cool it down and then clean it but that wouldn't look right. Plus, I am sure they would have kicked me out of the joint.

So I suffered for a while and tried to eat the remaining wings. Not the brightest move. I stopped with 2 left. 15 minutes or so later, the effects were gone. No sweating, tearing of the eyes or burning of the penis. Relief!

But I am not the smartest person when it comes to wings. A newcomer tried a nuclear wing and gagged a bit. With just one left now, I should have let it go on to the trash bin, but NOOOOOO, I decided I could handle it. It was that one wing that killed my drinking for the night. I felt ill after it. The Summit ESB couldn't do the trick and I found myself calling it.

I have sworn off Club Garibaldi's nuclear wings. Never again. At least until the next time and then I know not to touch my dick without making sure my hands are sterile.

Summerfest kicks off tonight. I am not sure if I will head out there or not. Not too much on the schedule of acts that interest me. I may go at the last minute if someone wants to walk around the grounds and drink. Otherwise I will save it for the weekend. I did get my Def Leppard tickets. Or at least I have some coming. They better show up by tomorrow. Otherwise there are a number of acts I wouldn't mind seeing over the next week. Papa Roach, Saliva, Jackyl, Sevendust are among those that interest me.

But there is one band in particular that interests me. And they are not a headliner. They are playing Saturday night before Slaughter and again on Monday before Jackyl. The group is called Bang Camaro. Go listen to the song Push Push Lady Lightening. It is all guitars and chanting. Perfect for a festival. In fact, that is why I am interested in them. It is all guitars. They appear to have 3 guitar players going at the same time. Oh, and like a dozen people doing vocals. Yes, something like a stage full of people singing. It should be a good show. I intend to catch them Saturday and if I like it, will definitely be back on Monday.

I also intend to update the Summerfest beer guide. I will get beer from throughout the grounds and see if the pouring has changed at all. I am willing to bet the Leinie's stage still has the best pour.

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