Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some like it hot

It was a hot one yesterday. It will be a hot one today. The heat doesn't bother me too much. I will be in AC all day and as long as my AC at home- aka Lake Michigan- provides the relief, I will be just fine.

What I don't like about this humidity is the unstable weather that can happen. Just like yesterday, the forecast is for "scattered showers". In other words, it may rain, it may not. It may rain on the west side, but not the east side. It may not necessarily rain by you, but just in case it does, we have covered our ass by proclaiming the possibility of "scattered showers".

Normally I could care less. But I was evicted from my nice covered parking spot (at work) a couple of weeks back. I get it back in August. Until then I am exposed to the elements. And that means I need to put the top back up any time it may rain during the day. No way I can get down 4 flights of stairs, through a parking lot, up 3 flights and to my car without the vehicle getting soaked before I could get the top up. So each morning, the top goes up and comes back down in the afternoon. So much easier to have the covered parking where the top stays down and the leather stays cool.

With all the heat yesterday, I got to thinking about what to drink to keep cool. I checked out my recommendations from last year and would have to say that I still agree with them. The Leinie's Sunset Wheat is tasting extremely good this year. I also give the thumbs up to Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Seems like the brewers of various craft beers are targeting the summer drinking season even more this year. Sam Adams has their summer lager out (quite good!) and I have noticed others pumping out Belgian Whites. The Belgians go down smooth with a clean refreshing taste. What I would suggest is that you do yourself a favor. Though Blue Moon is good, try something else like a Hoegaarden or any small micro brews.

Of course, you cannot go wrong with a nice India Pale Ale either. I still drool over the Magic Hat #9 I drank last September at the Bash. A couple other breweries have jumped on the bandwagon by adding apricots to their IPAs. Dogfish Head has one out now.

Same with the "Summer Ales". Many companies are brewing them. I really enjoyed Schell's Zommerfest and would recommend it. The summer ales go down easy as well. It definitely beats the heat.

All that beer talk is getting me thirsty. I will have to get out and sample those suggestions tonight. I am meeting friends at one of the hip and trendy corners of the neighborhood tonight. I know one place will have some good beers on tap. Hopefully they have made some changes from the regular selection.

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