Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I didn't hear that all too familiar noise this morning. At approximately 5:53 every day, I hear the high pitched squealing of a car pull out of the alley. If I am not mistaken, it is the sound caused by low power steering fluid levels. I may just walk down two houses and hand them a bottle of the liquid and tell them to stop waking people up with their noisy ass car.

What I don't understand is how that noise doesn't bother them. Really. That sound would bug the shit out of me. There is no way I could drive a car that would squeal like a pig every time I made a turn.

Speaking of cars, I finally did it. Laid on the horn of some moron in front of me talking on his cell phone. It was by the stadium and the idiot wouldn't merge. I guess his conversation was more important. So I gave him a good blast. Got a finger in return. Yes, I am number 1 in the hearts of many.

I was excited to read that my favorite alderman had a nice big rally yesterday. Or as the Journal proclaimed, the "largest show of community support" yet. I think that meant there were 13 people instead of 10 as the article quotes 3 people that are not usually quoted. And it was in a coffee house. Not a big open park outside, but a coffeehouse. I guess all 13 people needed an espresso in order to rally.

What I would like to hear now is more of the people that were shookdown or threatened. We keep hearing about the injustice done to this man, but what about the victims? Do you think they believe he is getting what he deserves?

I do like one line in the story. It looks like someone was studying the Jackie Childs character on Seinfeld.
McGee's sister-in-law Wanda Montgomery said McGee is being detained, defamed and destroyed.

Oh, I know you have Jackie's voice in your head saying it just like he would. I wonder if McGee has access to a balm in his cell?

Going to be a long day at work. So happy I have the next two days off. I am going to enjoy being away.

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