Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy when it's over

It has been a hellacious week. The work days have been longer. After 10.5 hours on Tuesday, I followed up with 9.5 yesterday and will probably toss in at least 9.5 today. That is how it goes some times. It makes me wonder how some people can toss in over 12 hours a day for days on end. For those that rock, I salute you!

Because I have been working more, I haven't had time to hit the watering hole to enjoy a couple of cold beers. I figured I should get some food instead last night and went out to a new food store. I will do this every once in a while to see what else is out there but I usually go back to the usual haunt to get my groceries.

Yesterday, it felt like I was shopping in the ghetto. The "new" store had simply taken over the location of a different company. I assume they are still in the process of moving stuff in (even though it has been a month or two) as I noticed some empty shelves. The thing that really stood out was the lack of shoppers. If I was at my usual store, the place would be bustling. There would be people all over the place. Instead, I tried the new place to see if anything had changed.

I did find one thing in particular amusing. A seeded watermelon costs $2 more than a seedless one. I would think it would be the other way around.

I should have checked out the liquor store before making a final judgement but if the grocery store was ghetto, the booze department couldn't be much better. I figure if I ever need a 40 ounce, I know exactly where to go.

Back to work... Oh and screw everyone for not playing the game. Makes me wonder how the Blonde got it correct. Either she watches too much reality TV or... maybe it is her?

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