Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yo 11! Get me some dice! Daddy needs a new case of beer!

That is what the sign said. 63 minutes to downtown Milwaukee. That is not what I need to see after a 10 1/2 hour workday. When traffic is running smoothly, the sign says 14 minutes. No way was I taking the freeway. It would be my way over the highway.

I don't understand why people need to freak out about a little rain. OK, maybe it wasn't a little rain. On Monday, it was a serious downpour for about 10 minutes that somehow managed to make the drive time 30 minutes. But that happened hours before rush time. Were there some old people stuck on the road, shitting themselves because it rained, making it scary for them to drive the speed limit?

Yesterday, the rain was heavier. And it happened about and hour and half before rush hour. It came down hard. And then it got windy. I watched the wind blow the rain sideways, fast enough that it became close to a whiteout. I was thinking the tree that was bent a good 70 degrees was going to give and crack. As long as it didn't land on my car- or anyone elses- I didn't care.

What a nice time to have to lose my nice parking spot. At least I was getting the polish car wash out of it.

When I did leave work, I was still shocked by the sign's declaration of a 14 minute ride being 63. No way was I going to crawl down the freeway for an hour just to get close to home. So I took the ghetto route. Took me 16 minutes. I don't know where the people were going on the freeway but I have to wonder if any of them have a clue about alternate routes they can take if traffic is that bad.

I was pretty tired when I got home. I threw my butt on the couch and watched TV. Watched Monday's episode of Hell's Kitchen, one of my favorite shows at this time. I find it amusing how great these "chefs" think they are when they pretty much suck. Sure, Chef Ramsey may have extremely high standards, higher than they are use to, but stop boasting to the camera about "how you haven't seen my best job yet" or "I know I am good enough to win this competition". It is all bullshit and you are simply lying to yourselves. You sure be slapping your parents and teachers that kept giving you participation trophies or praised you for passing a class with a C average. It is people like this that believe mediocrity is something to be proud of.

I am getting annoyed by the customers on the show. From what I have read, they are invited guests. They just need to show up, get free food- if they get served- and basically look like a well heeled crowd that enjoys fine dining. You can tell some of these people are actors. They play up the part too much, acting like they know how each meal should taste or by taking their complaints straight to the kitchen. The pissy attitude they show when things are going wrong is getting old. You just lost out on a chance for a free meal. I am sure they probably gave you money to go to a real restaurant when you could stuff your pie hole. The I-have-waited-too-long-for-my-food-so-I-am-leaving-just-to-show-them act is boring already. Go ahead, walk out. Viewers at home don't care.

I do hope the girl who works at the Waffle House wins. That would be funny!

I then watched part of the World Series of Pop Culture. Wow, nerd central. The questions weren't that hard, but they had some tough ones. I may watch again if there is nothing on. Or I am at the bar on a day without sports.

I did see one commercial that inspired me to announce GAME TIME!!!

Complete the following comment that was made by a blonde chick on a commercial for a new reality show starting Sunday:

"I love my boobs. They are ....."
a) the best birthday present I received from my parents!
b) the only good thing I got from my ex-husband!
c) what got me the job at the strip club! is 7/11. I should be throwing some dice somewhere. Or either drinking 7 or 11 beers.

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