Thursday, August 16, 2007

750 ml

Why does booze come in liters?

I found myself wondering that last night as I consumed 3/4 of a bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and gave money away in PLO. Sorry Drizz, I didn't polish the bottle off but I gave you enough money to buy a couple liters.

I am happy to have a day off. I had originally planned to go to the Brewers game today but that fell through. Apparently others don't have months of vacation every year. Plus, I couldn't get my schedule arranged evenly and now will have to run around town tomorrow.

So I am thinking of going out drinking. What an original thought eh?

I am thinking of going out to some new drinking establishments to see how they are. Who wants to take a half day of work and join me???

I am thinking of a new personal challenge. I don't know why this was floating around my head. I began wondering how much I could live on for a month. Basically, if I had to live on say, $200 a month, could I do it? Some basic item such as mortgage, phone, electricity would not be included in the "budget", but others such as gas, food, and alcohol would be. What is in the house could be consumed but there would be no buying binge before such a contest would start. Thank God for a full liquor cabinet!

Still, I wonder if challenged to a dollar amount, could I do it. If I had to stretch out every buck, what is the lowest amount I get by with. I looked at some credit card bills over the past couple months and see things that I could eliminate. Even at the store yesterday, I noticed cheaper foods that if needed, I could purchase. Cheaper beer to buy. Cutting back on driving. There are a number of things I could eliminate. Or so I think.

I may just ponder this later over a beer.

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