Friday, August 17, 2007


Some things in life shouldn't be difficult. My mission yesterday was simple. Check out a few new pubs in the neighborhood. Drink some new beers. Do something different.

Easier said than done.

It was just after 2 when I arrived at my destination, the Highbury Pub. Looks dark. No neons on. Crap it's closed! How can that be? I am on the south side of Milwaukee. Bars are always open.

Or so I thought.

I drove down the street and noticed that every bar was closed. WTF? Not a single bar open. Two others taverns I had wanted to check out were closed. So I ended up at Big Mommas once again, disappointed that my mission was a failure.

Oh well.

There I enjoyed a couple of Sprecher Ambers as I pondered the challenge I thought of yesterday. How much could I get by on in a month if necessary. I think I could do $300. Half of that would be just for gas. I think I could get by with just $100 for food (free lunch at work really helps). The rest would be for entertainment.

This would be the tricky part. I would have to rely on knowing which bartenders are working and hope my good fortunes would continue. I never take free beer for granted and would never assume that each beer would be gratis. And if the worst happened, I would have to clean out my liquor cabinet.

Trying to decide what to do this weekend. I am thinking I need to go out Drinking for Jesus. Yep, time to go to church and drink some beer. All in the name of the Lord of course.

Rock on with your bad selfs!

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