Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Backwards ban

I slept a bit better last night. Didn't quite crash when I got home but didn't do much either. I felt tired but not enough to take a nap. I think my body's internal clock is quite screwed up at this point. If that is not screaming for me to go to Vegas I don't know what is!

As it is I have Thursday and Friday off so I can sleep in if worse comes to worse.

I came across this article in the news today. Ala. city considers end to alcohol sales. After my state of shock ended, I read it. Yep, people in the deep south do make me laugh. Out loud. On a regular basis.

So some bible thumpers want to ban alcohol sales. Not drinking mind you. That is ok, but you cannot buy it there. Makes little sense to let some other town reap the economic benefits of the sales.

If fact, the people that are for the ban are willing to pray and fast in support of the ban. Pray and fast? What good is that going to do? They should be out partying and getting ripped to the tits! Seriously, if they want to show how bad it is, go get polluted and start a bar fight. That will show (insert southern preacher drawl here) the evils of alcohol!

The article has some rich quotes in it. Like...
Business leaders argue that ending the sale of beer, wine and liquor would hurt
tax revenues and send the message that Athens is backward.

Backwards. Ya think so? Apparently 4 years ago they voted to allow sales of alcohol. Now they want to change their minds again. Oh boy!

I wonder if neighboring towns are pouring money into the effort to enforce the ban? Is John Boy's Liquor Shack in neighboring Peets Corner trying giving cash hoping he will see a jump in sales?

Is the Rev. Eddie Gooch gonna save this community? Yep. The Gooch is back. After terrorizing Arnold on Diff'rent Strokes, the Gooch went good and is now trying to save the town of Athens. He has some major faith
Gooch isn't worried about the city losing businesses or tax revenues if alcohol
sales are banned. Normal economic growth and God will make up any difference if residents dump the bottle, he said.

Apparently God pays taxes down in Athens. I bet even God doesn't want to see his taxes raised. Maybe he can build a nice strip mall on the outskirts of town and put in a nice juice stand or roller rink.

A news item like this leaves one with more questions than answers. It doesn't mention where the people in this town currently buy their booze. There is no mention of any liquor store, or how many may be in town. Is everyone buying their booze at the Piggly Wiggly store? Or are they getting it from Uncle Jasper's still? How many bars are in the town of Athens and who exactly is going to be impacted? That is what I want to know.

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