Monday, August 20, 2007

Baseball depression

It was bad enough that it was a dreary, rainy day. Toss in an allergy that resisted the Claritin, two friends who kept ribbing me for something that would never happen, and the Brewers blowing another big lead and I was feeling pretty miserable.

Once again, I saw the Brewers blow a 5 run lead at the stadium. It is getting depressing watching a good season potentially go down the drain. There is still a full month of ball left but when your team starts blowing leads on a regular basis, depression can set in.

I would have been much better off staying home and feeling miserable by myself. At least I wouldn't have had to deal with the bullshit my friends kept shoveling on me. On Saturday night, I left the bar just after some Sasquatch of a woman did. One of them thought it would be funny to suggest I went chasing after it. Ha! Funny. But not 4 hours of repeated disgusting comments funny. Hey, I can take it. I understand if you dish it out, you need to be able to take it. But 1) this was not something I did or said, and 2) it got tired quickly. Know when to give it up. I am willing to be big money they will keep this shit going. Then I may get mad. I wonder if these guys would like me to start talking shit about them.

Work should be fun. I haven't had to talk with my boss for over a week. I came back to see that how some things are being done has changed again. Unbelievable. I feel like I am playing musical chairs at times. At least I didn't have a pile of crap to come back to. Thank God for short weeks as well.

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