Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's raining again

My Sunday insomnia is alive and well. It is now carrying itself over into Mondays. I tossed and turned again last night but got a bit more sleep. I wonder if part of the problem last night was my neighbor. Around 2 am, I noticed my room was getting lit up by a light on their garage. That light isn't usually on at night. It acted like a spot light through my window and did a good job of illuminating my bedroom. Maybe they wanted a show?

More rain is coming today. Probably more rain tomorrow. I am beginning to look over the ads for arks in the paper.

In the reason I don't golf department....blind woman hits hole in one. When I heard about this on the radio, I wasn't amazed by it. I wasn't all Wow! A blind chick hit a hole in one. Instead I was thinking what the hell is a blind chick doing out there playing golf? In the rain nonetheless. Hell, she may not have been able to see the rain but she could feel it!

How does a blind person suddenly want to play golf too? I figured she must have had sight at one time because you don't listen to golf on the TV and think, damn, I got to get out there and try golfing. So I ask, has she been blind all of her life?

Nope. Just half so she could have the mechanics down. All someone has to do is put her out by the ball and she swings.

Whoop dee doo!

Now if she hit a home run in baseball, that would be something. Or shot a perfect round of darts. Or passed an eye test.

Yep, I am going to hell. Just making sure I get a good seat.

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