Saturday, August 18, 2007

Getting the Baio treatment

The day started very good. Ran some errands, got the oil changed in the car, exercised. I was feeling pretty good.

Then the afternoon began. I was suppose to have some work done in my bathroom and was waiting for the contractor to show up. The one o'clock hour came and went. No one. I didn't think much of it. He could be running late at another job and will show up or call. Around 2:30 I tried to call them. No answer. WTF? 4:00 came and still no one. Call again and get an answer. Oh they forgot.

Forgot? How does one forget a job?

So that project will have to wait until I find someone with a brain to do the work.

I wasn't about to let that ruin my day. I had some drinking to do. For Jesus nonetheless. The church festival was ok. It is a small one, tucked in on the small parking lot the church has. But the beer was cold and the wait non-existent. The music was good (Last Call was on stage) and it wasn't hot out.

When that ended, we stopped into a ghetto bar. Didn't realize it had gone ghetto as neither of us had been in the place in years. Won't be going back in there any time soon either. Just a scurvy group of people.

So it was back to Big Mommas. They were pretty packed as they had two parties going on. I sat and talked with a friend until she decided to call it a night. I then grabbed a seat at the bar in the corner. Little did I know I would be trapped.

And begin to receive the Scott Baio treatment.

Anyone watching this show on Vh1, Scott Baio is 45 and single. It is kinda funny how screwed up he is but how he is more normal than most Hollywood types. Part of the show consists of him speaking with old girlfriends and getting blasted by most of them for his douchebag antics in the past. They usually tell him what an ass he was and how he showed them no respect. And he can do nothing but agree with them.

It was at the corner of the bar that the Scott Baio treatment began. I saw her coming and hoped for the best. It seemed amicable at first. She told me how she has 2 little boys now and is very happy. It was when she asked if I was happy that I should have realized what was coming next. Because that was followed by whether I was really happy, what my plans in life were (do I ever want to get married, have kids, etc.) and the hinting of how I could have had that.

With her.

If I wasn't such an asshole to her.

Well, uh...thanks?!?!

She began to go off on how I treated her like shit, how she really liked me and how I hurt her. She even mentioned a specific date that put her over the edge and how she just about swore off men completely. (Being the ass that I am, I did asked if that meant she considered being a lesbian). She then repeated that date. March 11, 2000. On that day, she gave up hope that anything between us would ever really happen. That she knew we would never be a couple, that there was no future. That date, March 11, was a turning point in her life.

I thought about that for a bit. See, me and this girl weren't really seeing each other. We weren't dating and we weren't involved. We were having sex. That was it. At the end of the night, we would go back to my place and have fun.

I could swear that I had told her what I was looking for. That I did not want to get into relationship and was just going to have fun. She wanted something totally different, but would admit it to me. I saw what was going on and ignored it as long as I would get laid.

As the Baio treatment went on, she seemed to be relieved that she was able to get that off of her chest. Actually, during her rant she was very polite. Wasn't angry or combative. Assertive and nice. Weird.

We continued to talk about things that happened and didn't happened. I never knew how much this chick wanted me to make a commitment. She really wanted me and I guess I hurt her because I didn't want her. She even brought up some of the good times we had and I saw this little smile on her face and a gleam in her eye. I couldn't help but think her husband was going to get some tonight.

Eventually we finished talking and she went back to her spouse. I sat there for a bit wondering what exactly had just happened. It was rather surreal. To hear all of that was pretty wild. Again, I never knew I had that effect on her and made her that unhappy. By not doing anything.

I do know one thing. The Scott Baio treatment can open your eyes and make you think. I just don't need to go through that again.

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