Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hog humid

It is going to be a warm and humid day. I could feel the moistness in the air as I left the house. It may have been only 70 out but I could tell it would be a steamer later on as the air felt still and heavy already. Thus, behind a hog trailer was the last place I wanted to be on the highway. That was a stench beyond all stenches. Man did I want to drive that old man in his Lincoln Town Car- barely doing the speed limit- in the left lane right off the road.

It rained quite a bit last night. What the country folk would call a good soaker. I just call it a grass grower. It rained a good steady rain for at least 3 hours. If the street lights hadn't been knocked out, I am sure I could have seen a steady stream flowing down the gutters of the street.

I remember these kinds of summer rains as a kid. When the heavy stuff was done, we would be amazed by the amount of water running down the street. We would go get twigs, sticks, leaves- basically anything that would float- and have races to see whose "boat" could make it to the sewer the quickest.

Then someone would usually come running up the street shouting about how swollen the crick (correct pronunciation would be creek- don't know why we called it a crick) was. We would run the half block and see how high the water was over its usual banks. The crick was in a small valley so the houses on either side never had to worry about flooding even though a good rain would get the water 5-6 feet above its usual level.

I feel like driving past the old neighborhood to see how high the water might be. Even the memories bring a smile to my face. Life was so much simpler back then.

On the flip side though, now I get to drink beer so all ain't so bad.

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