Friday, August 24, 2007

Wet weekend

It could end up being another wet weekend. And not the good kind of wet either.

This one puzzled me most of yesterday. Why am I going camping in the rain? Ok, it may not rain tomorrow but there is a 60% chance it will rain at the campsite today.

And I need to put up a tent.

Possibly in the rain.

Why am I leaving the coziness of my tavern to go outside and sit in the humid, rainy air?

It just doesn't make sense. I could sit on a bar stool and drink free beer (I haven't paid for a beer in over a month!). I could be making dial-a-shots and causing havoc.

But instead I will go and tend to the fire, make sure the beer is cold, and shoot the shit with my friends.

Oh yeah, that is why.

I will be camping with a great group of people.

I am out. Rock on with your bad selfs!

Shit. Cat knows I am leaving soon. He just gave me the guilt look. That was followed up by him watching me clean his litter box. I could see it in his eyes. "Yeah, clean my shit up bitch!"

Little furry bastard!

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