Monday, August 27, 2007

It's in the Bible

By the time I left the house on Friday, I had decided to change my tune. I was not going to be concerned by the rain. Sure it was cloudy in Milwaukee, but that didn't mean it would be that way 2 hours west. I would be optimistic. I kept telling myself it wouldn't rain. In fact, at the last minute I threw the umbrella into the back of the truck to ensure it wouldn't rain.

Murphy's Law my ass!

It rained Friday. And the weathermen laughed their asses off!

It rained just as we got to the campsite. Little drops here and there as we drove but no real rain. But just as we got to the site, it started misting. Then some drizzle. Then the downpour.

Yep, we would end up setting up the canopy, the pop ups and my tent in the rain. Granted we did drink a bit until the heavy stuff died off, but it still wasn't any fun. Plus, the firewood we bought was damp and that crap just didn't want to burn. It took some tending to but we did get it going.

Thankfully Saturday was a beautiful day. After some breakfast, we headed into town for the Mount Horeb Fire Muster. It was a money raising shindig for some of the small town fire departments. It wasn't a big thing. They had beer and bands playing inside the fire house. Outside they had water foosball tournaments. Ok, I don't know exactly what they call it but it looked like foosball being played with water hoses trying to push a basketball past a goal. All I know is my team won and I was a couple bucks richer when all was said and done.

I also learned that basically every able bodied person in the town of Mt. Horeb works at the fire department. I shit you not. Everyone was wearing a FDMH shirt and had those big firepants on.

We also found the local slut who was rather hard on the eyes. She looked like she was halfway drunk and danced as the band played. She started pulling the shirt up to expose her belly as the day went on. Not good people.

The band itself was pretty good. The Poor Rich Kids. Your basic cover band that seems to favor old guitar music. The Van Halen influence was obvious. Plus, I didn't mind the Deep Purple they kicked in. Not bad.

We did check out the local brew pub and some little shit bar on the way out. Also hit the Mustard Museum before leaving town. The guy running the place was as quirky in person as he was on a TV show I had seen. He must have realized we were dignitaries as he opened the place even though he had closed 10 minutes earlier.

Once we got back to the campsite and had dinner, we learned some new facts. First, we learned that most cows have zits on their lips. Don't ask how that came up but apparently cows have terrible acne on their lips. And those lips are sold to Taco Bell to be used in their food. I guess that is what makes Taco Bell the best hangover cure. It is all about the zitty cow lips.

Next, we learned something from the Bible. Of course they don't talk about sex in the Bible but there is some procreating going on. Apparently, instead of saying that Adam banged Eve, they use the word "KNOW" or a form of it. That became the mantra for the rest of camping. Know this! Know you! Get that knowin' fly off of me! You get the gist of it. But the best had to be Gambino singing the golden oldies tune "To know, know, know him, it to love, love, love him."

Yep, in the end, the rain on Friday didn't matter. It was another good weekend of camping.

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