Tuesday, August 28, 2007

There is a lesson- be honest

Can we just be done with the whole Michael Vick story already? Seriously. People need to stop letting their emotions run over.

What he did to the dogs was sick and disgusting. Inhumane and cruel. But it seems he is getting blasted worse than those who shot and killed human beings (cough Pacman Jones cough).

All of those animal rights activists that were at the courthouse yesterday should be ashamed and need to go home. The finally admitted his guilt. You do not need to be there taunting him and you shouldn't be showing up at any football games in the future to taunt him, should be play again. You got your point across. Be happy he is going to get punished and get on with your lives. Hell, you people should now put that energy to better use.

All of these people of a so called "celebrity nature" need to wake up. Stop this bullshit of hiding behind the lawyers and working the system so you are not convicted of the crime you have committed. Be adults. Haven't you seen lately you cannot buy your way out of your own stupid actions? If you would just be honest and admit you did something that was wrong, you wouldn't be paraded in front of the cameras, be embarrassed, and receive the length of sentences you do.

Seriously, if Vick would have admitted he was doing this in the beginning, his jail sentence- if any- would have been light. He wouldn't have lost all of his endorsement contracts, his job, or his status. He would have taken a hit, but it wouldn't been as big. He could have came out with a story of how he knew this was wrong but couldn't get himself out. People would have bought it.

But instead, he clammed up, lied to his boss, the NFL, and the people who supported him.

Now he pays the ultimate price. No one will remember him for what he did on the field (which really wasn't all that much) but as a dog killer.

Wow how far the Brew Crew has fallen. Back to .500. In Chicago for the fight of their lives. This series could make or break the season. I am praying for the team to come together and battle it out. Still a month left but these head to head matchups are what separates the men from the boys.

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