Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A void in the week

I really need to find something to do on Tuesday nights. It is a vast void in the week. There is nothing good on TV. Unless the Brewers are in town, there is no sports. There is nothing.

Sure I could have played poker on the net but I just didn't feel it. Instead I watched the World Series of Poker on ESPN. That was ok. It prevented me from watching other mind numbing stuff about people who just are not as important as they like to think they are. Hey, I still like my reality TV.

Even supper yesterday was kinda blah. I had a bunch of stuff in the refrigerator that I either had to eat now or toss out tomorrow so I thought it would be good to throw it all in a pan and fry it up. 3 pieces of bacon. About a pound and a half of ground beef. Quarter of an onion. Some garlic. The last ounces of Franks Red Hot. Quarter cup of cheddar cheese. And some vidalia onion sauce.

It wasn't bad but not as tasty as it looks. I think I should have fried the bacon longer before adding the ground beef. I thought of adding some whisky (whisky makes just about anything better, doesn't it?) but drank it instead.

That was the highlight of the day.

Thus, I need to figure out something to do with Tuesdays.

Maybe I should be happy to see the sun again. Then again, maybe not. It will be out while I am inside working. Be out long enough to get that water off the ground, evaporated in the air so it can be hot and sticky when I leave. Hey, I am for hot and sticky but just in those intimate moments, not when I am driving home on the freeway.

Even the cheese curd story couldn't cheer me up. Man do I hate Tuesdays!

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