Thursday, September 06, 2007

I need some goats

The real problem started 3 weeks ago. It was a Saturday morning. I had gone out to the truck and put the lawn mower in the back. I tossed in the bag for the mower as I knew the grass would be tall and I needed to get the excess out so it would cut better. I tossed in a clean shirt and hat to change into when I was finished. I then hopped into the truck and turned the key to start up the engine.

But there was nothing. No lights, no radio, no engine starting.

Mutha Ucker!!!

It is a mystery greater than the Bermuda Triangle. My mechanic hasn't been able to figure it out and neither have I. Something is draining my battery when the truck sits for an extended period of time. It doesn't happen when I am driving it in the winter. Only during the summer if I do not drive it every couple of weeks.

And it has been probably close to 2 months now.

I think I was last over at my mother's house cutting the grass in June. Lack of rain, camping, and other drinking exploits were the reasons for not getting over there to manicure the lawn. I recognized that fact 3 weeks ago and went to remedy it but my Explorer had other ideas. So I tried to jump start the vehicle to no avail. I thought that maybe my jumper battery was not fully charged and spent some days getting it to full power. When that didn't work, I finally went out and bought a battery charger (that was after explaining to my mother why I wasn't cutting the grass last night and no, the battery needed just a bit more oomph to get going and it wasn't the thingy that began with an "A" that is supposed to supply power to the battery when the engine is running).

The battery charger did the trick. I had it charge for just an hour last night when I read the directions and decided that maybe having it charge for 11 hours may not be a good thing (according to the manual). Being the curious sort, when I went to unplug it, I turned the key and was happy to hear it fire up. It even started again this morning.

Now that I have the truck running again, I can get over and mow the lawn I have to wait because now it is going to rain.

Mutha Ucker!!!

Yep. Checked the forecast and it is going to rain this afternoon and probably tonight and most of the day tomorrow. I don't know if Saturday will be any better, but if it is not raining, I will have to go cut the grass pretty much no matter what. The grass may be wet, but I will have to cut it.

Unless I can rent me some goats. Anyone know where I can get me some goats to go eat up that yard?

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