Friday, November 23, 2007

Food and football

I had a game plan for the day. I figured I could go up to the bar and watch the first half of the Packer game and then get out to my brother's house for the Cowboys game and dinner. A simple plan that worked well. As I sat at the bar drinking my beer, I was a bit tempted to play the sick card and call it all off, but realized I am way too mature to do that sort of thing.

So it was the typical day. Go to bro's house, eat, drink, yell at kids to leave the men alone as we watched football, watch them cry when nothing happened, and then eat more so it feels like your belly will burst. Ain't Thanksgiving grand?

The football games were ok. The Packers game was interesting in the beginning. It looked like the refs were going to turn a blind eye to any possible Lions penalty. There were a couple pass interference calls that should have been made that weren't. I have yet to figure out where Kitna was throwing the ball most of the time. He kept trying to get it to Johnson but he was covered each time. When he did get open, he dropped it. Plus, they had a good running game going but couldn't punch the ball into the end zone.

On the Packers side it was nothing too impressive. They did what they usually do- play sloppy in the second half. There was no way the Lions should have been coming within a score of getting back in the game.

Tony Romo had an ok day for the Dallas Cowboys. Was off on a number of his passes- mostly underthrown. But the running game showed up so it didn't really matter. It was like watching the Troy Aikman Cowboys out there. Run, run, pass and score. Manage the game and take what they give you. Smart football. Effective football.

The Cowboys defense allowed this to happen. A pretty dominating effort out there limited the Jets to just 180 total yards. A nice 4th down stand at the goal line prevented NY from getting into the end zone.

So now the big game is up next. I know I will hear a lot of trash over the next couple of days. But my goal is to keep quiet. I will talk football with sane people but I do not need to get into it with some moron I don't know. I will say one thing. If you don't talk before the game, you have no right to talk after the game.

Bring it on Packers. The Dallas Cowboys are a better team. And that better team will win on Thursday. Think about it this way Packer people, there is nothing wrong with you cheering on the second best team in the NFC.

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