Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Talk about a burden

I was on the freeway this morning when I heard this story. In fact, I had just slammed on my brakes because the Isuzu Rodeo is front of me- the one who washed both his windshield and read window continuously for 3 miles, spraying my windshield in the process- slammed on his and went left onto the should. Thankfully, I was luckier that my friend James and the BMW SUV behind me was paying attention and went left as well. No one was hurt and no vehicles crunched. Just screeching brakes. I have no clue why we were coming to a sudden halt. As soon as it was over, everyone went right back to speed. Hell, if I am slamming on my brakes, I better see a reason for it. If it was some asshole trying to get someone off their bumper, I would be pissed.

I then heard the radio report of the nun who molested some teenage boys. They said the men in their 50s had taken so long to garner the strength to step forward. At first I thought they were just a bunch of wusses, but then it hit me how tough that must have really been. They must convinced they are going to Hell. All because they banged a nun. How harsh is that? That has got to just stick with you all of your life knowing you got it on with a nun.

I wonder how they were able to keep that from being spread around. Did anyone of their friends in high school find out (this happened while they were in middle school). Did they get teased about being nun bangers? Did they flinch whenever someone said something about screwing their sister? Did they develop any bad habits? Ok, that last one is a terrible joke that doesn't work.

I must thank the copywriter for the Journal for making sure the punctuation was correct in the article.

Giannini wore black casual clothes to court and offered no explanation during the hearing or afterward, speaking only in response to Donald's questions.

As she did, her two victims, now in middle age, looked on intently.

Miss a comma in that last sentence and it has a totally different meaning.

In one of the most riduculous things I have seen, it appears some bloggers that blog about TV are going on strike in sympathy with writers that are currently on strike. Don't these people recognize a job opportunity when they see it?

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