Friday, November 09, 2007

Like someone else cannot do that work?

I find this Hollywood writers strike to be quite humorous. Someone please tell me exactly what these people do that is so special that someone else cannot do it? Seriously. Exactly what is stopping anyone else from writing a funny episode of the Office? The studios should say screw you all, your services are not needed anymore. You are not as important as you think. My employer can do it. And if the actors decided to join them, I am sure we can find enough people to take up roles in TV. What is the worse that can come from this, people read more books?

And if any of them are working for NBC, I do hope they are not called back. This week of "green" programming has finally pissed me off. Worse yet, I still have to get through Las Vegas tonight before this crap is over. Take your alarmist agenda and please keep it to yourself. Despite how much you howl it, global warming is not proven to be caused by man nor are the sea levels going to rise 20 feet by tomorrow. Their is the other side of science that you are purposely drowning out that can refute a number of your claims. Doing sensible things like replacing is good, but don't preach to me about how I should drastically change my life cuz you said so.

Also, to the people who created that Ford Hybrid Escape commercial, where the kid wants to be dropped off a block from the playground because he/she (I can't tell if it is a boy or girl) is embarrassed to be seen in an SUV, FUCK YOU! Yep, FUCK YOU Ford. If I had a kid and they said that, I would tell them to walk their fucking ass to the park themselves or I would send them to their room and let them stay their until they showed some respect to their parents.

In fact, I am going to turn on all my lights at home, run both of my vehicles, and crank up the heat to use more energy just to offset what you assholes have saved by dimming the lights on Sunday Night Football. Pretentious pricks.

I have taken up my own little battle at work. A couple weeks ago I went to get some water from the cooler. I like ice in my water and went to get in from the refrigerator's ice maker. I tried to put the scoop into the bin but couldn't. Some asshat had put an ice cream sandwich into the ice. I was slightly disgusted at first, thinking someone felt the need to not only grab an extra ice cream sandwich at lunch, but felt the need to horde it as well. I didn't go with ice that day. Or the next. Or the next. Whoever felt the need to have the dairy treat must have forgotten about it. So I threw it out. I wanted ice and I didn't want something in the ice that who know who had handled with their grubby paws.

This morning, I went to get my ice water and once again, find an ice cream sandwich in the ice. This time, they get no extended time. I tossed it right away. This person needs to realize that this ice is used for beverages. It is not used to store his desserts. Plus, I am not the only one who gets ice. I am sure others besides me have been grossed out by this. I wonder if they would like for me to walk up to them and place my finger in their food while they eat. Or my hand in whatever they are drinking. Maybe then they will understand why putting that ice cream sandwich in the ice is wrong.

Oh how I would love for an email to come across from that person asking who tossed their ice cream out.

It could be a quite weekend ahead. A bunch of friends are heading up to Green Bay this weekend. Not sure what I will do yet. Beside raking those damn leaves and going to a funeral. But I will find something.

Have a great weekend and rock on with your bad selfs!

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