Monday, November 12, 2007

Tossing hand grenades

I was sitting at the bar, talking with my friend when I saw her walk up a couple spots down. I said to my friend "Watch this. Like tossing a hand grenade" as I then told the bartender I would like to buy that beer for her. She filled the glass and set it on the bar, mentioning that it was one me. I didn't quite hear what she said to the bartender but I knew it wasn't good. The bartender laughed as she came back and told me she can buy her how drinks. It gave us all a good laugh.

I proceeded to explain to him what just happened. A month ago, I was set to go to a football game just have to the tickets yanked away from me 20 minutes before we were to go. It really pissed me off at the time. This chick thinks she can get away with this bullshit all the time. Only a handful of people are willing to call her out. I am one of those people. So when I got a call on Saturday night asking if I wanted to meet her out, I declined. 10 minutes later when I received a text message asking if there was any way she could convince me to go out, I replied that I didn't care to see her and I wasn't going to be tossed aside like that again. She shot back that I knew what the situation was. Yes, I did. The situation was that you gave someone a deadline on Saturday night to let you know if they were going to the game. They didn't call back. You even left a message with them stating that someone else had the tickets. But when they called on Sunday morning, you decided you rather go with him instead of me. That doesn't sit well with me and I was going to let you know the next time I spoke with you.

I guess I fanned the flames a bit when I responded that she tossed me aside just so she could get laid. That must have been why she was mad at me. Again, she isn't an angel, having cheated on her husband with a couple different men. To question her fidelity shouldn't be a surprise.

The joke would continue at the bar. My friend would keep saying he would take beer over to her and claim they were from me. He wanted to toss a couple hand grenades himself.

In the end we had a good laugh. For me it is over, I said my peace and am content. She can be pissed off all she wants. It doesn't matter to me. Sadly, she probably thinks she didn't do anything wrong.

Beyond that, it was pretty quiet at Big Mommas yesterday. There were 7 patrons at kickoff. Only 7. I think the crowd swelled to 13 in the second half. That worked in my favor as I won one of the raffle prizes. A free quarter barrel!!! We are drinking for free on November 29th during the Cowboys game.

Speaking of which, the beast of the East has been established. It was a nice victory by the Boys yesterday. A big win over a good team. I found it quite interesting how the pundits were making a big deal about the Giants defense. They kept saying how they were installing a new D when they played the Cowboys in Week 1 and how only now were they used to it. It was the Giants and their massive pass rush that would cause havoc for the Cowboys and would be the difference. Funny, they never mentioned how the Cowboys were getting used to a new defense as well. That the Cowboys were missing two key member on defense and how they had improved week by week.

Well it was the Cowboys defense that registered 5 sacks, not the Giants. It was the Cowboys defense that limited the Giants to 3 points in the second half as the Dallas scored 2 more touchdowns on that vaunted New York defense. They showed who the better team was.

With Detroit losing, it looks like the big matchup on Thanksgiving has lost a bit of luster. It will be interesting to see how they bounce back against New York this week. I still think they will give Green Bay fits on Turkey day. They usually do. Then one week later, it will be a fun one down in Big D. Having watched all of the Packer games and most of the Cowboys, these two teams are not that close. One will be exposed and it won't be the home team.

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