Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ground the little bastard

I saw this story over at Alarming News this morning. So a father sells the gift he would have given his son for Christmas because the boy did something the father did not approve of. Yep, he sold Guitar Hero on ebay because he caught the kid smoking pot. And some people disapprove of the father taking such actions because he publicly humiliated his son.


Let's think about this. Say the story is all a lie. It could be for all we truly know. What I find truly amazing that people will comment on his parenting skills. He has been called “sadistic”, “publicly humiliating my son”, “power-hungry”, “an asshole”, and “a douchebag”. All because he decided not to reward his kid for doing drugs.

Seriously. He acted like a parent and has decided to not give the kid the gift he wanted and everyone in the world thinks he is the bad guy.

Let me think about what my parents would have done. I would have been grounded, in my room, after having received a thrashing. I wouldn't have had access to a television, maybe a radio. I would have been expected to come home straight from school. I would have been doing dishes, taking out the garbage and doing the chores of my siblings. I am sure many of my friends would have been treated to the same kind of discipline.

And these people think the kid was humiliated? Was his name in the news? Was his face in the paper, on TV, anywhere? How was the kid humiliated? No one knows there names for Christs sake!

Granted, smoking pot is not the worse thing the kid could have been doing. Yet it is still against the law and the father has to instill some values into his son. When the kid is older, he can do what he wants. Hopefully pops here has taught him how to make good decisions.

These are the pansy ass parenting skills that are taught today. No one wants to be the parent, they want to be the friend. Sadly, when these kids get older, they won't be able to adapt to a world that will not coddle them. No, you don't need to take a belt to a child, but you do need to show them who is in charge. I firmly believe that discipline builds character. I see it in my friends that are now parents. That gives me hope for some kids. Others will be eaten by the sharks.

Which would you rather have?

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