Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back to work

Back to work. 3 days of skeleton crews, taking care of what little bit of business occurs at the end of the year. 3 days of just getting through the day, enjoying the highlight that is lunch. And surfing the internet, looking- begging- for something to occupy my mind for a hour or so.

Yesterday I turned on the Price is Right. If I was going to be home alone in the morning, I figured I would watch a classic game show. It was a good thing I had finished my coffee or otherwise it would have been spit all over the room. The show starts and the very first item up for bids is a Christmas tree. I don't have an exact description of the tree. It was a fake tree totally trimmed with lights and ornaments. A bit too much for my taste as I like to see some tree. The go down to the contestants for their bids. I am thinking this is California. No way should this tree be over $600, but something tells me it is around a grand. The people give their bids with one guy at $750. I guffawed a bit and then flipped out. Drew Carey- who seems to think bidding for a tree is a joke- announces the price is.......


Eighteen hundred and twenty five dollars.


Who the hell spends $1825 for a Christmas tree??? Unbelievable.

Back to A Christmas Story for me. I did like some of the choices cable had for a Christmas Day. One channel has all UFO Files. Another featured Survivor Man. Classic Christmas themes there.

Later I went over to my father's house. There has been a bit of a falling out with him and us kids. Not me in particular for this spat, but the others. I was hoping he wasn't going to grill me about anything or that his wife wouldn't bring it up either. Thankfully for me, they did not. It is all pretty silly stuff. I have told my brother that but he wants to be upset. And my father won't be the one to reach out either so I just let them both be moronic about the situation. At least I know my spot in the will is quite secure. Then again, they will probably spend all of their money and not pass any on. I am cool with that too.

I was surprised to see they had gotten me some gifts. Some sweaters and shirts that were all the wrong size but I was polite about it. I doubt I will go to the store to return them as that would mean going to a mall. Plus on quick inspection I did not see any gift receipts so that would be a small problem.

Dinner was quite good even though the discussion got onto politics. My dad's wife believes whatever she hears on the shows she watches. Never gets the opposite side. Whether it is Oprah, Bill Moyers, or anything she catches on the radio, that is the gospel and must be believed. Even when people who know more about a topic differ with her, she cannot admit that she could possible be wrong. How can you be wrong if Oprah said so?

One thing I did notice on my visit yesterday. My dad doesn't really look old. As I drove over, I realized it had been over a year since I had seen him. I had spoken with him a couple of times but never saw him. I was wondering if he would look old, kinda wrinkly, or if his face my be flabby or anything. The funny part was his wife is beginning to look old now. Classic old lady face is taking over. I see why some people get face lifts now.

Time to grab something to eat. Hoping there is some good soup. I woke up with a throat on the raw side. Now is not the time to get sick. But I know the cure for a cold and will definately take the first steps tonight.

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