Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and they get all the good stuff they were hoping for. If not, the sales are on again tomorrow!

I had a fun night at the bar last night. The Makers Mark was smooth and refreshing. Perfect for the occasion. Most of the gang was up there. Ryan, Don, Andy and Tim. Even Ike showed up but he didn't bring any cookies. What is up with that?

Christmas Eve in a bar is always interesting. With some taverns closed for the night, people will go searching for any place that can give them that life supporting booze they need. Even though you see a lot of old friends on Christmas Eve, you also see people and wonder what the hell they are doing in this bar?

Like the hookers at the bar. At least I think they were hookers. I was trying to determine which guy was the pimp and how much. Where is Derek when you need him?

Or the older guy who may have had a bladder problem. He seemed to be hitting up the john every 10 minutes. Plus he was getting irritated that the bar was getting crowded and he had to push his way through. I was going to trip him if he touched me but then decided that wasn't quite the Christmassy thing to do.

Speaking of which, here is the final song of the season.

Now go be nice to people and get off the internet!

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