Saturday, December 22, 2007

Best of both worlds?

I am looking forward to the best of both worlds tonight. I will be meeting up with some great friends to celebrate Christmas. Oh and the Cowboys are playing as well. It could be a very merry Christmas. As long as the Cowboys don't disappoint like last week. I know my friends won't.

Am I apprehensive about the game? I would be lying if I said I wasn't. After the egg they laid last week, the injuries they incurred, and the way they have played in December over the last 10 years, the wind is temporarily out of my sails. I have the faith, I just need to get that fire fanned a bit.

It is tough to watch your team play like crap. Tougher when it happens in crunch time. After the Cowboys beat the Packers, I told some people that the Cowboys would lose at least one more game. I just was planning on it being the Eagles game. Going into Carolina and winning isn't necessarily hard, but the Deadskin game next week will be a battle. Now is the time for the Cowboys to take care of business.

You would think that being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys would mean you are used to the high drama that surrounds them. I guess you roll with it but still take some bruises.

So I think I will go with the football procedure (hat tip to Blood for the term). I am going to Hooters for some wings for lunch. Hooters makes you happy! And then I can sit and enjoy the Cowboys game tonight. I would like to see a nice Panther ass kicking to make my weekend that much more enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoyable, Twisted Sister is back with another Christmas video. Watch, listen and rock out!

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