Friday, December 21, 2007

Brandy, you're a fine booze

My cat just opened a box (it used to have a shirt in it, Christmas present) and crawled into it. He is now lying in the box. He is looking at me like I am the weird one. Somehow I feel compelled to leave that box there for a couple of months. Just to see what happens.

Same thing with the gift bag he was playing with last night. I may never put that away either. I like how he starts to bat it around, then lays on top of it getting an arm stuck in one of the handles. He then gets up with the bag attached to him and tears around the house like a bat out of hell.

Who needs TV when you have a cat doing stupid things?

It is nice to have the day off. After drinking a number of beers at the bar, I headed home and drank at least half a bottle of Korbel brandy. For the rest of the night I found myself singing:
Brandy, you're a fine booze (you're a fine booze)
What a good drink, you will make (such a fine booze)
With Coke or sour mmm, it's what I'll take

And yes, I did sing the background parts. And yes, now the song will be stuck in your head. HA!
Evil Friday plan is now in play!

I think I will just lay around today, maybe watch a movie. Washed some dishes already and I may go clean up some hard packed snow by the driveway. If I decide to get dressed that is.

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