Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lots of snow, time to go

Ah winter!

The exhilarating feeling of waking up at 5:30 in the morning to go shovel 6 inches of snow before you get on the highway to crawl along at 30 mph on your way to work. When work is done, you get to go and shovel some more. Damn weather guys are calling for lake effect snow. I could have told them that when there was a quarter inch of snow on the ground where I had shoveled just minutes earlier.

The early forecast is for more snow tomorrow night and possibly some more on Saturday. I hope someone will be kind enough to take care of clearing my sidewalks while I am gone.

The city of sin beckons!

A couple years ago I did something like that. Some friends were gone for a week in the winter. It snowed pretty hard the day before they were coming back. Since I had already had the snowblower loaded in the truck and had gas left, I figured it would be a nice thing to go and clear their driveway off for them so they didn't have to deal with it when they got back. I never told them I was the one who did it. I didn't see the need. It was a nice gesture I would have done for any of my friends and if they had asked me, I would have confessed.

Hopefully that karma invested years ago will pay off if I need it this weekend. Or at the very least, I have to hope for it to snow at least 5 inches so my neighbor gets out the snowblower to clean his sidewalk. He has to go from the alley, down the length of my house to get to his.

I have also decided I will punch the first person I hear say "well, at least we will have a white Christmas" in the nose.

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