Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Treading water

Only a couple days until I am back in Vegas. Man I can't wait. I view the couple days before the trip to be the hardest days of the year. I can handle the last few days of a quarter, banging out reports and finishing projects. Get something done in a day for the head honcho? No problem. I don't see any added pressure there.

But asking me to work hard the days before I leave for Sin City is just plain dumb. My mind is elsewhere. Which isn't good. Only a fraction of my work will be covered by my coworkers when I am gone. Upon my return, I will have to wade throw a pile of work that could have- should have- been done by someone else in my absence. It doesn't bother me because I am used to it.

So far today I have stared at some month end items that need to be completed before I am out of here. I think I can see the dust collecting on them.

Looks like more snow on the way. An early morning of shoveling might be on the menu. I hope it doesn't smack my gambling brethren on the east coast. It would suck to have a Vegas vacation stalled because of snow.

I can only tell them, if it snows, think good thoughts. Like this:

Yep, I go there for the wings.

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