Friday, January 04, 2008

No title necessary

I have felt a bit confused most of the week. Yesterday felt like Wednesday and I woke up thinking today may be Saturday. This 3 day work week has screwed me up. But I could get used to it.

I am so looking forward to doing very little this weekend. Watch the playoffs and play poker. Works for me.

I noticed something strange the other day. I was in my car driving and Creed came on the radio station. Instinctively, my hand quickly went and hit a button changing the channel. Days before that, the same thing happened except it was the The Fabulous Thunderbirds getting quickly turned off. I noted to myself how much I really dislike the music of both bands. I hate them so much I would probably walk out of a place that was playing any of that garbage.

It reminded me of a friend who would do just that. He hated Boston with a passion. Just couldn't stand to hear those guitars playing that distinct Boston sound. He would literally walk out of a bar if Boston came on the jukebox. I thought it was funny at the time but now I kinda understand what he was thinking.

Both bands make me cringe. I never understood what people liked about them. Never. I would rather hear my cat yowling when his tail gets stepped on. Speaking of the cat, I just about knocked him clear across the room today. First he woke me up to get fed. Then once he was done, he came back into the bedroom meowing up a storm. He wanted to be petted. I wanted to sleep. The nerve of that little bastard. Not only did he get food, now he wants a full body massage to help him digest it.

If I have a second life, I hope I come back as a cat. One whose owner gives their cat beer.

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