Sunday, February 03, 2008

Putting football to bed

Super Bowl Sunday.

One of the best days of the year, and one of the saddest. Only one team's fans go home happy, while the other 31 are focused on next year.

It is the last bit of football for 7 months.

Until Draft Day. That is like having a quickie. It feels good but is soon over. And you wait until you get to enjoy the entire season.

Without football, I will need to figure out what to do with myself on Sundays. The liver will get a chance to get in shape for baseball season. Ah, Sundays at Miller Park.

That is a couple months away though. Sigh.

I don't feel sorry for some of the locals. People I work with are still moping about the Packer's loss. I don't feel sorry for them because they are not football fans. Real football fans have a loyalty to their team, but also will watch football given the chance. Real football fans don't ask stupid questions like "Are you going to watch the Super Bowl?" (correct answer is "Of course you dumbfuck!") or "Are you doing anything for the game?" These questions have been answered weeks in advance. It isn't a question of what or if. It is an answer of where and how.

Thus I expect the bar to be half empty today. Should be a fun crowd though. At least my crew will be around and that is all I need.

Not sure if I am placing a wager on the game yet. Part of me think the Pats have something to prove and may blow them out. But the Giants have played tough on the road and their defense is solid. Maybe I should focus on the over/under.

And then watch as Lord Football goes to sleep at the end of the season.

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