Monday, February 04, 2008

Days off rule

So glad I have the day off today. Just about as glad that I didn't have to work on Friday. Man, I timed those days right!

Interesting game yesterday. Interesting bar. I wouldn't have guessed I would be overestimating when saying the bar would be half full. Not even close. 11 people at kick off. Never over a dozen during the game and maybe 15 afterwards when the Sunday drunks come in. Pretty sad.

But we had a good time. Dollars were flying around as bets were made on everything. Shots were coming just because we were there. And later on, quarter were bouncing on the bar. Yeah, the Super Bowl became the World Championship of Quarters.

The game itself was good. I was happy to see the Gints win as they deserved to that game. The outplayed the Patriots for 56 minutes. Then when the cornerback slipped to allow Moss to make an easy catch, I felt kinda sick. Were the Pats to pull another one out of their ass? But somehow Manning led a good drive and fittingly, the Pats corner fell as Buress hauled in the game winner.

And then the classless act of the night occurred. With a second left on the clock as the Pats turned the ball over, Belechick left. Didn't have the decency to go back to his sideline and wait for the last second to tick off. He made his way to a the lockerroom as if they had just put out some fresh hot wings. Same with most of his team.

What happened to the sportsmanship? They should have been on the field congratulating the Giants on their victory. Instead they ran and hid. Classless bastards.

It seems right the Patriots would go out like this. Cheaters never win in the end.

Was it me or were the commercials a big let down as well? It seemed like the first half had nothing to remember. The second half wasn't much better. My vote for best commercial goes to Coke. Underdog and Stewey Griffin fighting for the bottle of Coke was good. Having Charlie Brown show up and win was better. I thought the baby placing trades on Etrade was stupid. Th puking part was even worse.

I probably should go shovel the sidewalk. It may rain later, but if I clean it up now, I should have pavement ready to take on the 3-5 inches of snow in the next couple of days.

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