Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Euro going to get a McRib

The other day, I jumped up from my pc to run into the kitchen to try and prevent my breakfast from burning. In doing so, I bumped the stand I have nearby, sending a 12 ounce cup of coins all over the floor, as well as various important crap I have on the stand. I figure this crap must be important if it is on this stand or I would have thrown it away. After picking up the free drink tickets (I always gather the most valuable items up first), I sorted through the other stuff and began to pick up the coins. Being a guy, I put them back into the cup and on the stand in the same position where I could quickly turn around and knock them onto the floor again in the future. I knew that no matter what, there was going to be a coin or two that I would find a couple days later. Sure enough, I did find a dime and a quarter yesterday. This morning, I noticed a glint of copper on the floor. I reached down to pick up the penny, but soon realized I was not staring a Lincoln. At first I thought it was a Canadian penny, but realized it was too small to be one of them. The light was dim but I peered to see what I had. My next thought was it was a kroner from my Amsterdam trip some ten years ago. Nope, but I was closer. It was in fact a Euro cent.

An Austrian Euro Cent to be exact. I must have been given this in change at some point. Some goof thought it was a penny and didn't realize they were actually over paying me. That made me .45 (by today's rate) better off. I am not sure when I will spend my new found riches yet. Maybe on a McRib. Or better yet, a new bottle of Makers Mark to replace the fallen soldier from yesterday.

It is with great sadness that I announce I will now refrain from making fun of the McRib. Via a link I found at the Boy Genius' site, I see it has been chosen as one of the best sandwiches in the America according to Esquire magazine. Don't get me wrong. Just because Esquire claims it to be a goof sandwich doesn't mean it suddenly is. But to be included in the company of those other sandwiches does carry some clout. After going through the first five listings I was hungry. Especially after reading the description of the Cuban Meat sandwich from Paseo in Seattle.
No place in Seattle could care less whether you come in than Paseo. The shoe-box
shack has no sign, takes no credit. Has so few seats that devotees eat outside
on the trunks of their cars. What keeps them returning? The milagro that is the
Cuban meat sandwich: marinated, slow-cooked pork ganged into a baguette
slathered with garlicky mayonnaise, then mounded again with cilantro, jalapeƱos,
and fat O’s of caramelized onions. Seattle’s a long way from Cuba, but this
sandwich erases every mile. (4225 Fremont Avenue North; 206-545-7440)

That sounds like one awesome eating experience. My mouth was watering just reading it. Man does that just scream delicious.

So it is no more bagging on the McRib from me. I may even get one when it comes around for its triumphant return trip. Or better yet, I will find a real rib sandwich somewhere.


Hey Jo said...

Be careful or you will get an earful from A. She loves the McRib.

StB said...

She is going to give me an earful because I not make fun of the McRib anymore? Blonde girls. Sheesh.

AletaR said...

What did I tell you all along. It is not #1 on my list but it is tasty. The only better rib sandwich I have ever had was from the Manor House on Bluemound. Yummm