Monday, March 24, 2008

Bad attitude

I have a bad attitude this morning. I just cannot tolerate some of the stupid things I have heard already.

"Did you get enough snow by you?" What kind of stupid question is that? My answer was a nice sarcastic "No, I wanted more." Yes, people it snowed a lot on Friday. Cleaning it up was a bitch on Saturday. It is now Monday. You should be over this by now. My guess is you drove you husband nuts this past weekend as he was the only one around that had to listen to you. I also would bet the guy in New York that you spoke to could have cared less about how much snow we got in Wisconsin.

We will get more snow. It happens . You do not need to inform everyone around the country. Get over it.

My back was alive and singing yesterday morning. After shoveling out two driveways, I just wanted to relax. I was beat. So beat that I didn't really shovel out my own driveway enough to allow easy passage for my tenant's parking spot. I had cleared enough to get my truck out easily. I then looked at the 3 feet of snow that was still there. It was a roughly 3x3x5 section that I could have moved but again, I was beat and thought "Screw this. They know what a shovel is, where it is, and how to use it."

It was at that time that I began to wonder what would happen next. Would it be:

a. They would get the shovel out and move the snow.

b. They would call me and ask when I was going to shovel the area.

c. They would attempt to squeeze in to the spot with what room was available.

d. They would plow right through the snow, effectively creating a path.

e. They would just park on the street.

If you have answered e, you would be correct at this time. I was expecting d. Actually I was expecting d with them getting the car stuck in the snow because their spot was fully covered and they are too lazy to shovel the area first. I had some beer and popcorn ready to watch the amusement but that never happened. And yet I also wouldn't have been surprised to get a call asking when I was going to finish shoveling. I did think about doing it yesterday because I could still laugh when they got the car stuck in the parking spot.

So instead I waited for HBO to air their new series, John Adams. I have quickly gotten hooked on it. A very interesting look at the history of our country and the men- and women as Mrs. Adams is a very strong and interesting character- who founded it. This past show was somewhat creepy as Adams went to France to ask for money and the assistance of the French navy. Benjamin Franklin is already there doing the groundwork. Franklin takes him to a party and tries to explain how the French live. This party is the freaky part. All the French are wearing white face makeup with rouge. It was like they were paying homage to the Joker from Batman. Or kabuki gone gay. Very strange, but interesting.

Looks like HBO has another winner on their hands. Only problem with this one is I already know the ending.

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Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

stupid poeple suck....of course i have been one os those stupid people lately so we aren't all bad.