Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Human experimentation

I was driving home when the phone buzzed. It was the tenant. As a rule of thumb, I do not talk to people on the phone when I am driving. I hate being behind people who are yapping on the phone so I let the calls go to voicemail. When I arrive at my destination I will check voicemail and return the call as needed.

The voicemail was interesting. It asked me to cut out a path through the snowbank so the tenant could park his car. I laughed as I listened to it. I looked at the snowbank and the parking spot and sized up the situation. I was surprised how much had melted. I also knew I was not getting out the shovel. I returned the call and told him he had two days to take care of it and he knew where the shovel was. I also informed him he should be more concerned about paying the rent on time than a parking spot. The tenant whimpered like a scared puppy and said he would take care of it. I usually would clear this spot to allow him to get out but he had pushed me too far as of late. The way I see it, it was time to stop being the nice guy.

Speaking of not being the nice guy, I realize I am kicking a hornets nest on my poker blog. Long story going on. One that maybe I should stop but just can't. It is becoming a human experiment. Most people want to be liked. They need to be liked. They need to fit in. Whether they are a leader, a follower, an enforcer, an enabler, whatever, they need to fit in.

I also think people want to be classified or categorized as well. It is like a grading system or a way they can prove they are better than you. But when you start talking about general categories which are not so flattering, people assume you may mean them and they get defensive. Then they get offensive. They get paranoid.

Am I wrong to keep this going knowing it may raise animosity towards me?

On a cheerier note, looks like I will be heading back to Vegas the first weekend in June. Still have an itch to go earlier but can settle for that. I am a bit surprised that flights are reasonably priced considering the jump in fuel prices. I probably should lock in the price I have. As I usually do when heading out to Sin City, I checked to see what bands were playing. There is never any music that appeals to me when I am out there. Well, except one time when I did see Metal Skool. I see that Boston is supposedly playing in a parking lot. Wow, how they have fallen.

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