Thursday, March 27, 2008

A manly receipt

My mind is in a haze. I didn't stay out late at the bar. Just long enough to play trivia, drink a comfortable amount of beer, and win me a Brewers shirt.

I slept well though maybe not enough. Can't say the same thing for the cat. At one point I turned over and accidentally popped him a good one in the jaw. I thought "Knockout!" to myself and fell back asleep as he ran off.

I think it is because I am bored right now. Not sure why. Things are changing at work and I have stuff to do. It is the calm before the storm. Next week- the month actually- will be a bit hellacious but nothing I am not unaccustomed to.

So what has my mind all fuzzy? I am thinking I forgot something. And it isn't the request from the electric company to give them key to my house. Those idiots sent me a letter saying they couldn't get a meter reading done for either the gas or electric, that they need to come inside. Hey morons, both meters are outside the house. You already should know this as you have gotten many a reading over the years. Man I hate stupid companies more than I hate stupid people.

Onto something different. Before heading out to the bar I stopped by the food store. Yeah, I left the groceries in my truck for a couple hours while I drank. It was 40 some degrees out. That is fridge-like. My two bags of food was pretty damn manly. One 2.5lb chuck roast. 3lb ground beef. 2lb box of beer brats. Dozen eggs. Carrots. 4 pizzas (2 bacon cheeseburger, 1 sausage & pepperoni, 1 supreme). One can of navy beans. 2 jars of peanuts. I ate/shared one jar of the peanuts at the bar for dinner.

You watch American Idol? If so, what the hell is wrong with you. I don't. But I do read change100's recaps. Why watch the show when I find her post much more interesting.

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Uncle Bracelet said...

I didn't know navy beans were available outside of grade school commissary suppliers.

Also, I now know how you keep such an ftrain-like physique. It's the diet!