Friday, March 28, 2008

Sports weekend

Looks to be a weekend filled with sports, beer, wings, beer, stadium tours, beer, and more beer.

Basketball, baseball, and hockey. I wonder how I can squeeze a football game in.

Festivities start with watching Badger basketball tonight. That is where the wings come in. I will be enjoying the spicy garlic wings at BW3s along with the "wild" wings. As I have said before, the BW spicy garlic is the best wing sauce known to man. The wild ain't too shabby either. Just the right amount of heat without making me sweat. Maybe I will step up again and try the blazin. Maybe.

Truth be told I am not really going for the Badger game as much as beer and wings. I noticed the influx of people wearing red today. Funny. Most of these people were wearing blue and gold last week when Marquette played. Basketball doesn't do too much for me but I do like the do or die tournament format. Double elimination is for pansies!

Tomorrow shall see me at Miller Park walking around meeting players, listening to coaches and the broadcasters before the final exhibition game. I am hoping this Fanfest will include trips into the bowels of the stadium including chances to get through the locker room and into the dugout. Had the opportunity to go down in the dugout once and it is an amazing view.

Saturday night will be spent watching the Badger hockey team try to survive in the NCAA Men's Hockey tournament. Yes people, there is more than one NCAA tourney going on. I give the Badgers a snowball's chance in Hell of winning. They just are not that good this year and shouldn't be in the tournament. But I will support them all the way. Being a fan doesn't mean you have to be stupid and cannot be realistic. This is hockey. A goalie gets hot and a team can go very far. Here's to hoping the snowball survives.

As for sure. I ran out of sports. Probably will watch the NHL or maybe a race. Who knows, that is days away.

I can taste those wings right now. With a tall Hefe Weiss. Mmm....

Rock on with your bad selfs!


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Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

I am dead last in my basketball pool.

Yeah, the whole bracket thing can blow me.

iamhoff said...

Whatever the results, sounds like a helluva way to spend the weekend. Rock on, my man! \m/ \m/