Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Maybe I was wrong about the jelly

Yeah, I may have been wrong about the jelly. Apparently, they want jelly. And it isn't just in Milwaukee. It is a nationwide call for jelly for the hungry.

I thought it was funny to see the two big jars on the table. I thought it was funnier to see another jelly show up with a runty jar of peanut butter at its side. So funny that I ignored the bag of dried stuffing and the boxes of tea (obvious cupboard cleaning items).

I guess I should have read the board along side asking specifically for- yes, among other things- JELLY!

Yeah, I guess I was wrong for goofing on it. Apparently, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are prime food for the homeless and hungry. I can't blame them. A good PB&J does hit the spot. I may have to run to the store and donate some jelly as atonement.

Ok, the run to the store is partially an excuse to go to the liquor store as well. I have not done a good job of managing my liquor cabinet. Managing as in keeping it stocked, not as in managing to drink everything in sight. I emptied the bottle of Captain's yesterday. I have maybe a drink or two left of Korbels. A scant amount of Maker's Mark. And a couple of shots of Cabo Wabo. Too much vodka and some cheap gin. Not a good sight. I think I know where the bonus money is going.

Maybe I can donate some vodka jelly?

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