Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beers after the poodle face

After a busy day of work, I was looking for any excuse to go out and have a couple of beers. I was home working out when I got the call from a friend with a good reason to celebrate. Soon enough I would be enjoying some beers and a big ass taco at neat little bar, Benno's.

There is nothing fancy about Benno's. Just a bar serving food and beer. Ok, it isn't just serving beer. They have all kinds of craft beers. about 20 or 30 on tap. They also have Tyranena on tap. Tyranena is becoming one of my favorite brewing companies. There beers are just solid. Yesterday I went with the Headless Man Amber Ale. Pretty good. I passed on the Bitter Woman IPA only because it wasn't really warm out and I enjoy IPAs when it is hot outside. Unfortunately for me they just ran out of the Rocky's Revenge. So I naturally went to the next bourbon beer, Sprecher's Double Barrel Bourbon Doppel Bock or something like that. I wasn't aware Sprecher had experimented with bourbon barrels but I should have assumed it since everyone and their grandmother is doing something with old barrels nowadays.

Sprecher hit a home run with it. I love their doppel bock to begin with but this was even better. A nice dark, creamy brew that was very smooth. After you swallowed the beer you mouth was left with a nice hint of the bourbon. My mouth waters just thinking of it. Hopefully they have bottled this as well. If so, I have got to get my hands on some. (After perusing they website I did find that they do have 1 liter bottles. Now I have to find out where they may sell it. And what is that I see, a bourbon barrel imperial stout? Damn I am thirsty now!).

I finished the night with a Capitol Blonde Doppel Bock. Usually Capitol beers do not impress me too much, but this one did. I was expecting a dropoff in taste after the Sprecher but this blonde sure delivered. Definitely one I would have again.

I would have enjoyed more of their beers but I got off to a late start. Before I could go out drinking I just had to watch the finale of Rock of Love 2. The show has cracked me up all season as these women- of which only a couple that were hot- would do whatever they can for a shot with Bret Michaels. Most of these girls made it sound like he was the be all end all of men in this world and the last two weren't any different. The final pitted the stripper with the ugly arm tattoo and big, fake breasts, against the TV host who is successful and intelligent, but isn't the best looking nor has the knockout body. The stripper had the attitude of "no way can I lose this, look at me versus her" while the smart girl thought "hey, this bimbo can only connect with the little head, not the big head".

Going in, I had my money on the smart girl. The stripper has too many issues and is very insecure. She is plainly looking for a way out of her dismal life (no matter what she says, her actions show she isn't that happy) and a ticket to the life of a rock star. It got interesting early in the show when the stripper tried to go for the insult and play the "you wish you had a body like mine and were sexy" lines. That just didn't work. If anything, it backfired as the smart girl unleashed her attack. She knew how insecure this girl was so she got inside her head and played that card big time. It continued before and after she spent her time with Michaels. But what definitely sealed the deal with him was her crawling up on top of him on the massage table. What guy wouldn't like that? If that didn't work, showing him her cooter at dinner did the trick. That must be a proud moment for her father. You have to give her credit. She turned up the slut meter and went for the kill.

Meanwhile, stripper girl blew her chance with him. In fact, she blew chunks over the boat. That cut her time with him short. But I hope someone gave her some gum or mouthwash on the boat because I hope he was not kissing some chick who just puked. No matter how big those boobs are that is just gross.

I think Michaels got what he wanted from stripper girl in the end. They had dinner and went up to his place where he got a couple handfuls of ass before the camera left. All along he wanted to bang her and most likely did. He didn't need to choose her because he can get that after any of his concerts. If it was that good, he would have kept it.

In the end, smart girl wins. Sometimes guys do want a chick they can actually hold a conversation with. Stripper girl showed again and again that speaking wasn't her strength. Besides there was one other thing that bothered me when she was on screen. It took a couple of weeks to figure out. It wasn't the arm tattoo. It sure wasn't the rack as the doctor did a good job. It was her face. She has a long nose and some beady eyes. She has a poodle face. Especially when she curls her hairs, she looks like a poodle.

Apparently the reunion show is up next. The ugly French chick is back to gross us out. After that, I anticipate Rock of Love 3.


OMW said...

Bennos has some great beers, I use to go there all the time for darts. Everytime you drank all the different bottled beers on the shelf behind the bar-from one end of the bar to the other-you would get prizes(mugs, shirts,etc).

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

I was a big fan of Jess from season 1. I use to have the biggest crush on Bret Michaels when I was younger. Mad crush...not so much now.

StB said...

Jess was the right choice last year. But you could tell it wasn't going to work when she came onstage for the reunion show. The smart chick may have done the show to boost her career in TV so I don't give this much time either.