Monday, April 14, 2008

Circus bar

I felt pretty damn good this morning. Not sure why. 12 hours earlier I had eaten a cheeseburger that would sit in my stomach like a rock while sitting on the world's most uncomfortable bar stool. I figured I would have slept like crap and been awake every couple of hours. Instead I laid there like a log.

It's always interesting to go into different bars. Some people look at you a bit different. Others look on with interest as if they have someone new to talk to. Being the foreign person you pick out things that are probably considered normal to the regulars. It is like going to the circus. Everything seems bigger than it actually is.

Couldn't help but notice all the camo gear in this place last night. Jackets and cargo pants were all camouflage. I began wondering if the place has Army Surplus night as a special. Maybe drink 5 Pabst and get a pair of shorts. Drink 12 and get the pants. Fill out your card and get a jacket.

Then again the place was across from State Fair Park. That should explain the camo. They don't want the sheep to see them coming! Rim shot!

The women in this place were interesting. One waitress obviously had a boob job. I could fit my hands around her waist but not those cans. Another girl wasn't too shy about what God had given her. I noticed a couple guys touching them. When some guy with a beard got his whole face into them I felt like jumping into line but realized I would have to wait a couple months to grow a beard.

I won't comment on the two chicks in the booth. One dressed up like a boy. Not man but a boy. Hey, to each their own. Nor will I comment on the person that I could not determine to be a man or a woman. I settled on Pat. It seemed fitting.

That was the end of the weekend. Friday and Saturday were spent just relaxing and drinking with friends. The weather had turned back to crap and nothing was going on. The Brewers did take 2 of 3 from the Mets so that was good especially after looking like crap on Friday. The bats came back alive on Saturday and powered through on Sunday. It was tough watching the game on Saturday as the Detroit Red Wings were beating the Nashville Predators at the same time the ball game was one. Of course now I realized I could have DVR'd the game, but playoff hockey takes precedence over the 11th game of the baseball season. In my book at least.

Caught this bit in the news this morning.
So there is footage of Marilyn Monroe on her knees blowing some guy. That alone should not be that surprising. She always seemed to be a free spirit. The part I liked was J Edgar Hoover trying to prove it was either Robert or John Kennedy's penis in the film. It makes me think of Balbricker grabbing the dude's prick through the hole in the showers in the classic movie Porky's. I picture Hoover stalking these guys, following them into men's rooms across cities just trying to steal a glance, hoping he would find the evidence.

The other thing I gleaned from the story is that Marilyn liked to give head.
"She's smiling, she's very charming, she's very radiant, but she's known for
being radiant," he said. "She moves away, and then it [the footage] stops."

She's smiling. After blowing the guy. Well done Marilyn. Glad to know you got into your work. But I do have one question. What, no money shot???

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