Friday, April 11, 2008

Who'll stop the rain?

And I wonder,
still I wonder,
who'll stop the rain?

I'd have gone out for a couple beers last night but my ark was in the shop. It rained all day yesterday and is suppose to rain a good portion of the day today. I would tell you how much rain but it seems impossible to find the data. I saw a forecast that said 1-2 inches but that doesn't seem right. Thus I will go with a lot of rain fell yesterday. More today but not as much. There might also be some snow. Again, Mother Nature can blow me if she thinks she can send us a couple inches of snow. I will not shovel this weekend. Absolutely refuse to shovel.

No sooner than had I sat at my desk that the hens began clucking about their problems. I quickly grabbed the ear buds and let Rob Zombie take over my brain. I feel better now. Much better. Not sure why I didn't do this yesterday.

Not much planned for the weekend. That is probably a good thing. I think I may focus on cleaning up the spare room. I have spent the last couple of years dumping crap into there. Crap that I thought might have a use somewhere down the line but in reality it was because I didn't feel like throwing it out. Like some old pillows. Exactly when was I planning to put these to use again? Closest I come is if I had someone crashing at my place. I could toss them an old stinky pillow. Great host I am, huh?

I think most of the stuff in this room is boxes. For some reason I cannot throw a good box out. Everyone wants a good box around when they need it. Being a guy, I always have something that I can throw in the box. That is why I keep all the different sizes of boxes around. Sometimes a big box is much better than a small box, but the small box usually is more handy and does the job without things moving around as you move it around. Still, it is time to get rid of some of those boxes that have been collecting dust. I think we can all agree. No one likes a dusty box.

I think I will spend the day staring out the window at the fog and thinking about the corn pudding they are serving at lunch. I have no clue what the hell corn pudding is.

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