Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Disturbing memorial

I was driving behind a relatively new Jeep SUV yesterday, quizzically studying the decal on the back window. I could make out most of it, but had to wait for traffic to come to a grinding halt to read the whole thing. Once I did, I still could make little sense of it. The decal said

"In Memory Of,
Ok. Someone decided that best way to remember a loved one was to basically put a bumper sticker on the car? Really?

Apparently so. Sadly, it was in memory of a child, barely over 3 months old. Hardly had a chance at life.

I could help but think it seemed inappropriate. A decal on the back of a the family vehicle is the best way to honor the memory? Wouldn't be a source of grief? I would think it would hurt the mother of the child to see this constant reminder of her son's death. She would have to see it every time she went and put something in the back of the truck.

Because the vehicle was newish I also wondered if the child perished in an accident and they won a lawsuit which provided the money to buy said vehicle. Because the money came to them at the misfortune of Little Johnny, mommy and daddy can buy a Jeep and dedicate it to him.

Heck, it wasn't even In Loving Memory. Just memory.

Maybe it is me, but remembering your child via a sticker for the world to see just ain't right. Seems tacky.

The Brewers won an ugly one yesterday. Blew a 5 run lead but managed to win in 12 innings. The bullpen blew up once again. If it wasn't for Gabe squared, the Crew would have dropped it. Just like they dropped Gabe Gross after the game. Minutes after speaking with the Brewers Television Network and being lauded with Player of the Game honors, he was told he had been traded to the Tampa Devil Rays (Yeah, can't put devil in their anymore. Too scary to the childrens).

Some are saying it could have been handled better. Not me. Gross had to go. He played himself off of the team. With Mike Cameron coming back from 'roid suspension and Tony Gwynn Jr. coming off the dl, someone in the outfield had to go. Gabe Kapler has been great and provides a solid bat whether in the lineup or coming off the bench. Gwynn's hammy should be fine and can step right back in. The logjam may be an issue again on Monday when Cameron comes back.

Let's jump topics one more time. I got home with just enough time to turn on the game and change. It was beautiful day. I put on a pair of short to make the walk to the barber shop. Grabbing clothes you haven't worn in months is always an interesting game in itself. Will they fit? Did I put on too many pounds over the winter? Do I need new clothes anyway? Well, these pair of shorts are definitely on their last legs. I knew that last fall. As I put them on, my toe caught the bottom of the pant (hem?) and ripped a nice 4 inch hole along the seam. Knowing these short had little life it didn't matter. I was about to rip it right off but stopped. I chuckled to myself and thought "No, that is Gambino's job. Besides, she still owes me a pair of shorts from a couple years ago!!!"


BG said...

re: car stickers memorializing dead relatives

Clearly you don't live in or near a Hispanic community. I'd bet I see five or six cars a week with stickers of that sort, usually larger and across the back windshield.

StB said...

Can't say I have seen memorials on Hispanic vehicles. It has usually been a last name in large letters across the back window.

AletaR said...

I can't believe she didn't buy you those shorts yet. I may have to go along with her to assure she picks out the plaid ones you so want.

J. Gambino said...

I keep forgetting your waist size. So next time I see you I will be checking out your label. This will be strictly for scientific purposes only.

WomensDaily said...

I don't think that the bumper sticker is right. I mean, what does putting a sticker like that on your car do? It won't help the person remember the person who passed anymore then they already do.