Saturday, April 05, 2008


I was staring out the window this morning. Staring at my truck to be exact. It was parked on the street, not in the garage like it should be. Oh yeah. My friend drove me home yesterday. I guess I had a little too much to drink, but not too much to do something totally stupid and drive while easily not in driving condition. They asked and got my keys. Thanks again for the ride.

I am trying to put it all together. In rough sequence:
  • Bad traffic.
  • Seeing a police escort for a Klements Sausage van.
  • Seeing the police come rolling down on a walkway on their Harleys. They were clearing the way for the Polish sausage. He was carrying some trophy with a hot dog on it.
  • High fiving the Polish as he passed.
  • Walking by snow banks in the parking lot
  • Taunting by text someone who had to work. I let her know how good the beer tasted.
  • Weather was really nice
  • Eating cherries that were soaked in brandy. Then drinking the cherry juice.
  • Getting a Brewers towel to waive around. Right now I have no clue where the hell it is. Hopefully in my truck. Probably lost it in the end.
  • Tailgating after the Brewers victory.
  • Walking to the bars and hearing a friend cry about how his wife won't suck his dick anymore. Walking and laughing can be difficult.
  • Going into a Mexican food place to drink on their patio.
  • Watching the mariachi band.
  • Doing shots of Patron
  • Cabbing back to the local pub.
  • Buying beers for everyone including some annoying dude.
  • Talking hunting and fishing with someone. I do neither.
  • Tossing my keys on the table.
  • Getting a ride home.
  • Trying to play poker.
  • Passing out.


AletaR said...

So does that mean you never ordered your pizza?
I will buy you a drink if you can (without hints from your friends) name the idiot at the bar that you bought a drink for.

StB said...

One, I have no recollection of the pizza incident. None. I never got the clown's name either.

AletaR said...

Jose Zippo.